So I’m still struggling with the concept that I can have a home that doesn’t have estranged husband or our pets in it. As usual I’ve turned to food to attempt to remedy the deficiency, admittedly with limited success but at least I’m making the effort. It’s got me thinking about what dishes you cook to make a house (or a rabbit hutch in my case!) a home, and all of this thinking fits quite nicely with the recent slew of articles encouraging us to get some hygge in our homes. The dishes I’ve come up with are:

  • Roast chicken
  • A Sunday roast (with all the trimmings which is why the roast chicken doesn’t count as I typically have that on a week night with just some roasted carrots and parsnips to accompany it)
  • Lasagne
  • Some form of stew
  • Soup
  • Food for a party
  • Scrambled eggs
  • A bacon buttie
  • A cake, or something baked like cookies or brownies

How have I got on with this list? Let’s see:

  • Roast chicken – tick, I think this was the first meal I made myself there
  • A Sunday roast – big cross, not only have I not made a Sunday (or Saturday) roast, I don’t know when I will as it demands to be eaten round a table and I still haven’t (embarrassingly given the tittle of this blog) got a dining table
  • Lasagne – tick, I’m having a portion for dinner tonight
  • Some form of stew –does a massaman curry (made in the slow cooker) count? I think that counts
  • Soup – not yet, but I’m totally okay with French onion soup happening in my near future
  • Food for a party – I made some canapés for some of my girlfriends who came over for champagne before ladies’ night… but I’m counting on my Christmas drinks party in mid-December to tick this particular box. More on that menu to come… (I suspect much, much more)
  • Scrambled eggs – Tick, and I’ll probably have them again this weekend
  • A bacon buttie – This is a difficult one because I’m a bit of a processed carb avoider and this would mean buying an entire loaf of bread; it may be treatment for one of the many hangovers I expect once my world goes relentlessly social at this time of year
  • A cake, or something baked like cookies or brownies – Also a tricky one, I am (of course!) baking for Christmas (both mince pies and fat rascal biscuits in fact) but I’m joining forces with a friend who’s a much better cook, and these will be made in her kitchen. EH still needs a cake for his 40th birthday… maybe…